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Covid Lunacy: The Church and Covid + Are Covid Passports the Mark of the Beast?


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We bring together these two books on Covid to look at it in a realistic way. Does it make sense to shut down the entire world for Covid? We don't think so!

In the first book, we will attempt to answer some earnest questions which have arisen over the past year and a half during the Coronavirus 'Pandemic'.
I have very strong reservations about this 'pandemic' and the course of actions that governments are following due to the situation. Still, I will try to leave the dispute on this to others far more qualified than me to discuss such matters and concentrate on the question of the Church's response to the events of the past 18 months (2020-2021). Of course, this will be difficult for me, as I have passionate feelings on the subject.
We will examine what the events are which affect the Church and what the Church's position is. Finally, we will explore what authority the State has over the Church in these matters, both from a secular and spiritual standpoint.
We will then examine what the Church's response should have been and, indeed, still should be concerning these events. Finally, we will conclude that not only have our Churches failed us, but Her Majesty, the Queen, has also failed us in her capacity as leader of the Church of England, as well as in her oath to protect her subjects.
All Churches, almost without exception, have failed their congregation, have failed their communities and have left the lost with nowhere to turn to at a time of great trouble.

In the second book we will ask if something more sinister is going on.
Many governments are starting to talk about the introduction of Covid-19 passports. Some society members are very concerned about this, seeing the possibility of abuse of the data collected. Critics pointed to how Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have de-platformed users who do not comply with their mindest. These mega tech companies have destroyed some businesses that they deem inappropriate. This has been very much pronounced in right-leaning news stations that have not agreed with the mainstream media.
In this book, we examine what Covid-19 passports could mean for you and ask the simple question, "Are Covid-19 passports the mark of the beast?".
We will look at what the 'Mark of the beast' is, what it would look like, how it might operate, what benefits it has, what drawbacks it has, and the consequences of not going along with this scheme.
It is not a very comfortable subject to read about, but necessary to know what is coming down the line at some point in the future. It may not be Covid-19 passports, and perhaps I am over pessimistic, but even if it does not happen this time, it will happen at some point and better to be prepared.
If governments press ahead with Covid-19 passports and those who do not have them become second rate citizens, how would it affect you? What would it mean to you? Read on to find out.
Jim Whitelaw is a committed Christian who is familiar with what is predicted in the end times. He sees what is coming down the line and how it ties in with the word of God. This is a subject that is very much in the news and very controversial. You must read what he says.

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