Biblical Characters - Jacob
  • Biblical Characters - Jacob

Biblical Characters - Jacob

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Biblical Characters - Jacob


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The story of Jacob gives me hope. Jacob is no less than a rogue. If Jacob were alive in the twenty-first century, he would be one of those ruthless entrepreneurs who would take advantage of their staff and pay them a pittance. He would outwit his competitors and pull every trick in the book. Jacob would be the JR Ewing.

Jacob is well named as his name means 'Deceiver'. There is no depth he will not stoop to in his efforts to get ahead. He manipulates his entire family and then runs off when it gets too hot to stick around.

Despite this less than desirable character, God has chosen Jacob, and throughout his life, God overlooks Jacob's weaknesses while he works on his character to make him a better person.

Why does Jacob give me hope? Quite simply, if God can love, choose and accept a character like Jacob, then he will accept me, who has failed him continually for the past sixty years.

The story of Jacob is the story of God's sovereignty and of God's faithfulness towards those he chooses. It is also the story of God's abundant blessings poured out on his people and even those associated with them.

As we read the story of this lying, cheating, manipulating rogue, we will see God working out his plans, regardless of what any man plans.

Jacob is the last of the patriarchs, and he fathers the twelve tribes of Israel who will be the defining leaders and division of the nation.

As we work our way through this study, let us consider the weaknesses of Jacob and although it all worked out in the end, note that Jacob, at the end of his life, said his "days had been few and unpleasant".

God can still work out his plans despite us, can still use us for his purposes, but if we fight against him, it will be unpleasant for us also.
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